Dispensary License Applicants Fourteen Day Feedback Period

The Kahnawà:ke Cannabis Control Board (KCCB) wishes to inform the community that all pre-eligible applicants who have applied for a Dispensary License are now in a fourteen (14) day feedback period.

The following have submitted an application:

Ross Leclaire – Route 138Paul Rice & Treena Delisle – Route 138
Keith James Morris & Tammy Beauvais – Route 138Kennikaientaa Cross – Route 138
Thomas Lahache, John McComber, James Stacey, Bobbi Jo Delormier, Jake Deer, Steve Cross & Derek Stacey – Route 138Raianeráhstha Diome – Deer & Pearl Annie Katenies Diome – Route 132
John Owen Jacobs – Route 138Burton Wannaseriio Rice – Route 132
Michael Stalk Jr. – Route 138Roger Stacey – Route 207
Joseph Lahache – Route 207Scott Stacey – Route 207
Jesse Stacey & James Jacobs – Route 207Karahkwenhtha Deer- Diabo – Peter Foxy Rd

During the feedback period, Kanien’kehá:ka of Kahnawà:ke or Approved Kahnawà:ke Residents may make written submissions to the KCCB raising any questions or concerns about the eligible applications/applicants.

Written submissions can be emailed to the KCCB email: Cannabis.board@mck.ca.

The deadline for submissions of feedback or concerns is Tuesday, April 2, 2024.