Kahnawà:ke Cannabis Control Board Extends Community Feedback Period for Preliminary Eligibility Dispensary Applicants

The Kahnawà:ke Cannabis Control Board (KCCB) announces an extension to the Community Feedback period regarding Preliminary Eligibility Dispensary Applicants.

Originally set to conclude on April 2, 2024, the Community Feedback period will now continue until April 16, 2024, at 4pm.

The following have submitted an application:

Ross Leclaire – Route 138Paul Rice & Treena Delisle – Route 138
Keith James Morris & Tammy Beauvais – Route 138Kennikaientaa Cross – Route 138
Thomas Lahache, John McComber, James Stacey, Bobbi Jo Delormier, Jake Deer, Steve Cross & Derek Stacey – Route 138Raianeráhstha Diome – Deer & Pearl Annie Katenies Diome – Route 132
John Owen Jacobs – Route 138Burton Wannaseriio Rice – Route 132
Michael Stalk Jr. – Route 138Roger Stacey – Route 207
Joseph Lahache – Route 207Scott Stacey – Route 207
Jesse Stacey & James Jacobs – Route 207Karahkwenhtha Deer- Diabo – Peter Foxy Rd

This extension aims to ensure that all community members have ample opportunity to voice their questions or concerns.

By extending the feedback period, the KCCB reaffirms its commitment to transparency, inclusivity and upholding the integrity of the regulatory framework established to govern cannabis-related activities within the community.

Written submissions can be emailed to the KCCB email at Cannabis.board@mck.ca.